Taj.... Episode 2

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The infamous Vuto tribe? I kept asking myself as we walked on. I had picked up my pace without knowing and the knot I felt in my belly was not helping. Now I understood why and how Atema was able to move. I would too even if I had no legs. 
The Vuto tribe were an essential part of our story, the shadow thief, their legendary name, had been a thorn in the flesh of my people long before I was born. They were the scary stories parents told their children, a last resort when other forms of discipline failed.   It had been almost a century since the last attack and for the first time in many years, we, the Hadza people, were beginning to release our fears and let go of the past. We were wrong. 
I felt a surge of anger rise up within me even as my steps quickened. 
How could we have allowed this happen to us?
My mind drifted back to one of the nights by the bonfire while growing up. 
I had been accused of being reckless with my words by the village elders simple …


I watched for the umpteenth time that which I had watched before, 'Kung-fu panda' 🐼 But last night it felt different. Before now it was just one of those really nice stories that my kids and I enjoyed watching . But last night, yesterday, I could relate with 'Po' the dragon Warrior in ways I never did as some powerful lessons hit me in the face. ➡ 'Po' did not become the dragon Warrior by chance. It was no accident. It was a deliberate yet unintentional act that got him there. For starters, did you know this panda 🐼 practiced the 'Law of attraction’? And had a 'vision board’? 😱. Yes I was shocked too. You see all his life, he had dreamed of kung-fu, and being a part of the ' furious five' (tigress, monkey, Viper, Mantis, Crane) protectors of the valley. He dreamt about it when he slept, talked about it when with people or alone. Since we become what we think about, this panda had no idea he was on the path to becoming what he dwelt on. (law …


For some time now, I had been studying the life cycle of a butterfly 🦋. It is one of those things that remind me of the awesome simplicity, though complex, and breathtaking dynamics of nature. It is beyond me how a God so ginormous could design and create something so fragile. It always blows my mind. Anyways, I was studying the life cycle and the many phases, four precisely, the butterfly has to go through and it reminded me of me, you and humans at large. The four stages of the evolution of this fragilely awesome creation are: Egg Larva Pupa. Butterfly 🦋 How it goes through this process is no doubt amazing, but what is most striking is what it has to go through to become what it has been created to be. I have often heard two things which I'll be hinging this write up on. ➡ Firstly, "Expectation shows up in behavior" (Les Brown) ➡ Secondly, "The reason why most people won’t get to where they ought to is because they are too attached to who they have been" (…


How often do you go to a restaurant and you're asked to pay for your meal before it is served? Maybe a few restaurants , a fast food probably, but that is not the industry everyday standard you and I know. The standard is that we eat, get our bills, and pay for what we have consumed. Well I'd like to tell you that is the only place where the benefit of paying after getting value is extended to you and I. Okay probably with PHCN (Power Holding Coporation of Nigeria) if your electricity bill is post paid. But In general when it comes to life, the reverse is the case. Sadly, this is what many of us expect or desire from life. We want to enjoy the rich things of life without putting down a dime,We want to achieve success in various areas of life without going through the cocoon of hard work,We want to be the first, the best, the most and the only in our craft, even yet we refuse to make any form of sacrifice. Anyone who has expectations like I mentioned in any of the above is simp…

How I Did The Impossible

For a long time coming, I had tried and failed repeatedly to achieve certain goals I set for myself.
New year's day were my most inspired day to start again. I somehow assumed that it would be better than the last one.  When that failed, and it always did, I waited for my birthday which also happens to be in the month of January.
When that failed again, I'd look out for the first day in the month, or significant celebratory days like Easter, Christmas and so on.   But round and round I went, achieving nothing but frustration. First I thought the problem was with my will power. "if only my resolve could be stronger" I would say to myself. But the stronger my will, the harder I fell, the more depressed it made me. 
"People were doing it, why couldn't I" I would think to myself again. I asked myself many troubling questions  🙋🏾 were other people better than I was?  🙋🏾 was I destined to fail?  🙋🏾 am I simply just too lazy to do what it takes?  🙋🏾 will…